F​*​*​*​* Me With A Stick

by Cooler by the Lake

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Who's gonna lick the stick?

You gonna lick the stick?

A peaceful man walks the earth always on guard

Never know just who walks in the yard

Ain't gonna let nobody out there get the best of me

And I'll choose my weapon from the nearest tree

Say you wanna fight

Well, I'll defend my life

Just leave your gun at home

And keep that sheath upon your knife

Cuz guns were made for fools

And knives just ain't no good

The only way is hand to hand

With a broken piece of wood, so c'mon

Fight me with a, fight me with a, fight me with a stick

You gonna lick the stick x2

Some battles we can't choose

Some battles we do lose

With twig, branch or broom handle

This battle's making news

No matter how it ends

Well, maybe we can still be friends

And live to fight another day

With a big oak's broken ends, so c'mon

Fight me with a, fight me with a, fight me with a...


Feet are firmly planted

Grip I'm squeezing tight

We'll be knocking wood together, baby

See who's licking stick tonight

Feet are firmly planted

Grip I'm squeezing tight

Knocking wood together

See who's licking, licking stick tonight

C'mon and lick it, baby


C'mon and lick it right


C'mon and lick the stick tonight


released January 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Cooler by the Lake Chicago, Illinois

Fronted by the unmistakable Rory Lake, host of Chicago's infamous Karaoke Dreams. Cooler by the Lake is a 9-car thrill ride through rock 'n roll's peaks 'n valleys.

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